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Model: 00056389
Availability: Stoc: 27
Gift the bibliophile in your life this perfect gift - a gift voucher from their favourite booksto..
Rs. 1,000.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 1,000.00
Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton's Doomed Campaign- Jonathan Allen
Model: 9780553447088
Availability: Stoc: 3
#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER It was never supposed to be this close. And of course..
Rs. 2,800.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 2,800.00
Autumn- Ali Smith
Model: 9780241973318
Availability: Stoc: 3
Rs. 1,500.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 1,500.00
True Love- Jennifer Lopez
Model: 9780451468697
Availability: Stoc: 2
This is the story of how I discovered quite simply the truest love of all…   In Jennif..
Rs. 2,500.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 2,500.00
Twenties Girl- Sophie Kinsella
Model: 9780552774376
Availability: Stoc: 1
Lara Lington has always had an overactive imagination, but suddenly that imagination seems to be ..
Rs. 1,200.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 1,200.00
Twenty Questions For Gloria- Martyn Bedford
Model: 9781406363531
Availability: Stoc: 1
At 15, Gloria longs for adventure, something beyond her ordinary suburban life. When a mysterious..
Rs. 1,200.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 1,200.00
Grey: Fifty Shades of Grey as told by Christian By E. L. James
Model: 9781784753252
Availability: Out Of Stock
In Christian’s own words, and through his thoughts, reflections, and dreams, E L James offers a..
Rs. 1,100.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 1,100.00
The Year I Met You- Cecelia Ahern
Model: 9780007501793
Availability: Pre-Order
*Winner of the Irish Popular Fiction Book of the Year* A thoughtful, captivating and ultimate..
Rs. 1,200.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 1,200.00
Thinking, Fast and Slow - Daniel Kahneman
Model: 9780141033570
Availability: Out Of Stock
In Thinking about Thinking, the world's most influential psychologist Daniel Kahneman r..
Rs. 1,750.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 1,750.00
Based on 5 reviews.
The Art of Stillness: Adventures in Going Nowhere(TED)- Pico Iyer
Model: 9781471138867
Availability: Pre-Order
An unexpected truth from a celebrated travel writer: stillness just might be the u..
Rs. 1,400.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 1,400.00
The Life and Death of Sophie Stark-  Anna North
Model: 9781474601252
Availability: Out Of Stock
'If The Girl on the Train was the woman of 2015, then Sophie Stark is this year's model..
Rs. 1,400.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 1,400.00
The Narrow Road to the Deep North - Richard Flanagan
Model: 9780701189051
Availability: Out Of Stock
This book was the Winner of the Man Booker Prize 2014. Forever after, there were for them on..
Rs. 1,300.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 1,300.00
Where She Went-  Gayle Forman
Model: 9781849414289
Availability: Pre-Order
The stunning sequel to Gayle Forman's international best seller, If I Stay - Now a majo..
Rs. 800.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 800.00
Artemis- Andy Weir
Model: 9780091956950
Availability: Out Of Stock
Jazz is a small time criminal, subsidising work as a porter on the moon with smuggling a little c..
Rs. 1,950.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 1,950.00
The House of Hidden Mothers By  Meera Syal
Model: 9780857523099
Availability: Out Of Stock
Shyama is in love like she has never been before. Pale and English, Toby, a farmer's son, treats ..
Rs. 1,900.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 1,900.00
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