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Model: 5035393017002
Availability: Stoc: 10
Not new but very much improved! Now made from thicker, more robust polypropylene, these colourful..
Rs. 420.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 420.00
Collins Junior Illustrated Thesaurus
Model: 9780007578733
Availability: Stoc: 10
Collins Junior Illustrated Thesaurus is especially designed for children aged 6-8, with all the f..
Rs. 1,590.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 1,590.00
Model: 9780761141396
Availability: Stoc: 5
It's O.K. to Be Smart…Reading Smart! First comes a one-page illustrated story–about colo..
Rs. 1,750.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 1,750.00
BRAIN QUEST GRADE 2 READING (4th edition) - Bonnie Dill
Model: 9780761141402
Availability: Stoc: 5
First comes a fully illustrated, original short text—a biography about astronaut Sally Ride, a ..
Rs. 1,750.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 1,750.00
Marc Chagall: Artists in their time- Jude Welton
Model: 9780749666507
Availability: Stoc: 2
From the classical to the contemporary, from impressionism to pop art, painters and sculptors fro..
Rs. 1,100.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 1,100.00
Brain Quest Workbook: Grade 5 (Ages 10-11)
Model: 9780761182788
Availability: Stoc: 2
Introducing an essential addition to the 5-million-copy bestselling Brain Quest Workbook&nbs..
Rs. 1,875.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 1,875.00
Awesome Art Projects that Spark Super Writing- Jan Wiezorek
Model: 9780545305556
Availability: Stoc: 2
  25 Motivating Art Projects with Mini-lessons that Help Students Build Skills in Narrat..
Rs. 1,650.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 1,650.00
Soda Bottle Science- Tomecek, Steve
Model: 9780439754651
Availability: Stoc: 2
25 easy, hands-on activities that teach key concepts in physical, earth, and life sciences-and me..
Rs. 1,650.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 1,650.00
Collins School Dictionary (Hardcover)
Model: 9780007535040
Availability: Stoc: 1
Give yourself a head start! The perfect lookup companion for all students aged 11-14. With a clea..
Rs. 2,370.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 2,370.00
The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Earth - DK
Model: 9781405373692
Availability: Out Of Stock
This title offers a breathtaking and inspirational exploration of planet Earth. From the fiery ma..
Rs. 3,450.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 3,450.00
The Little Book of Sudoku- Pete Sinden
Model: 9781782436645
Availability: Pre-Order
You do not need to be good at maths, or a genius at crosswords; you do not need ever to have play..
Rs. 720.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 720.00
Cambridge Primary Revise for Primary Checkpoint English Study Guide
Model: 9781444178289
Availability: Out Of Stock
This Study Guide supports revision in preparation for the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint test at th..
Rs. 2,900.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 2,900.00
I Can Learn: Get Ready for Reading (3-4)
Model: 9781405259002
Availability: Out Of Stock
Learn first reading skills in this bright learning book. ..
Rs. 470.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 470.00
Now I'm Reading! Level 2: Snack Attack- Nora Gaydos
Model: 9781584762645
Availability: Out Of Stock
LEARN TO READ WHILE HAVING FUN! Level 2 of this award-winning learn-to-read series cont..
Rs. 1,700.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 1,700.00
Help Your Kids with Maths - Carol Voderman
Model: 9781409355717
Availability: Out Of Stock
  Reduce the stress of studying maths and help your child with their homework, following..
Rs. 1,700.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 1,700.00
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