BRAIN QUEST GRADE 2 READING (4th edition) - Bonnie Dill

BRAIN QUEST GRADE 2 READING (4th edition) - Bonnie Dill
ISBN: 9780761141402
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First comes a fully illustrated, original short text—a biography about astronaut Sally Ride, a letter to a congresswoman, a scientific article about fossils, a story about life on a big ranch. Following the text is a comprehension card that quizzes the reader about action, characters, and content. And following that is a card with questions on Grammar, Phonics, Word Choice, and more. It’s the fundamentals of reading and the pleasure of language. Brain Quest Reading Grade 2 is an excellent way for kids to hone their skills and become accomplished, enthusiastic readers.

Vetted by a panel of America’s highest award-winning teachers, and embraced by kids and parents because it flat-out works, Brain Quest opens a world of information and education with its fast-paced question-and-answer format, bright full-color illustrations, and lively attitude.

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