God's Secret Agent: A Battle Against Dark Forces- Herman Gunaratne

God's Secret Agent: A Battle Against Dark Forces- Herman Gunaratne
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From the bestselling author of The Suicide Club, The Plantation Raj, Tortured Island and For A Sovereign State

Sri Lanka, in general, and the South of the Island, in particular, was, and still is, in a world of its own occultism; replete with sorcerers, astrologers, witchcraft, tumbler-making, you name it- they have it.For well known planter, Malinga Herman Gunaratne, a son of the South, to be drawn into this mystical world comes as no surprise. His tryst with a self-proclaimed Godman whose mission in life was to detect hidden, blood-soaked 'landmines' and 'missiles' in copper capsules from houses and gardens emanating bad omens targeted at householders, and then freeing them from these evil spirits, changed his own spiritual outlook.

Typical mumbo-jumbo for the rationalist, Faith-absolute, blind Faith is a sine qua no from the 'devil possessed' victim seeking solace. Hotly contested it may be, but 'Mind over Matter'- and Faith is now scientifically established as a means to an end in the healing process of the body. As that debate goes on, Gunaratne's book is riveting, chilling and the contents stranger than fiction.

-Sinha Ranatunga, Editor-in-Chief, The Sunday Times, Sri Lanka


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