Wodehouse Golf Collection- P. G. Wodehouse

Wodehouse Golf Collection- P. G. Wodehouse
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Take a leisurely armchair stroll around the green with this wonderful Wodehouse Golf Collection - and laugh the whole way! With sharp humor and cutting wit, renowned author P. G. Wodehouse leads the reader on a tour of the golfer's life in the 1920s - both on and off the course - that is anything but boring. Featuring a comedic collection of Wodehouse's short stories in two hardcover volumes, this boxed set will have even the grumpiest of golf haters chuckling aloud at the parables imparted by the Oldest Member in The Clicking of Cuthbert and the droll social commentary on display in The Heart of a Goof. Wodehouse sketches his stories with a keen self-awareness (and a hearty serving of snark!) that is sure to please both avid golfers and their long-suffering friends and family. 


Two hardcovers in slipcase.

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